Author Topic: watch out for the wild cats in Aberfoyle  (Read 319 times)


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watch out for the wild cats in Aberfoyle
« on: 23:28:59, 17/08/20 »
Looks like somebody thinks it a good idea to reintroduce Lynx into the forest near Aberfoyle.  Now i love our wild animals, squirrels, deer otters etc etc, have seen some amazing sights when out walking, but im not so sure id fancy meeting up with a wild Lynx while out and about.

Fortuntely its only a public consultation at the moment, and the powers that be seem to be saying 'no thanks'.  But one to keep an eye open for in the future.


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Re: watch out for the wild cats in Aberfoyle
« Reply #1 on: 01:45:49, 18/08/20 »
Fairly sure a Lynx does not present any serious threat to a walker. They arenít that big and humans are not one of their prey species.  Other humans, especially those in cars or carrying Covid, are probably a more significant risk to walkers.

Lynx might keep the deer numbers down though, which would be a good thing.  It certainly would be a thrill to see one.
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Re: watch out for the wild cats in Aberfoyle
« Reply #2 on: 08:46:04, 18/08/20 »
Yes, I would love to see a wild Lynx in the UK - however that is extremely unlikely.
They avoid people whenever possible, and are very good at that avoidance, that would include the likes of all farms and farmstock except in exceptional circumstances.
As far as a threat to humans, even in countries with native lynx, for practicable purposes, it's a non-event
I think in the 1980's a zoo in Matlock ran the European captive breeding programme, lynx were re-introduced from there to sites in Italy.
Lynx aren't really that big, in the UK prey items would include mammals such as rabbits, hares, smaller deer etc.