Author Topic: The stuff I've bought just to go for a hike!  (Read 437 times)


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The stuff I've bought just to go for a hike!
« on: 19:51:18, 19/08/20 »
I had a good look in my garage today and I'm amazed at the stuff I've bought over the years and how much of it I never actually use. I did use my Vaude poncho today, I had to cycle across the city in the pouring rain. The last time I used it seriously was when we had a 'meet' at the Keswick Youth Hostel, how many years ago was that? I've just sold my Snugpack Stratosphere Bivvy, that needed to go, my Alpkit Hunker is now much more versatile since I've fitted a long zip to it. Its just reminded me that PayPal have not released the money to me yet!

I need to make some decisions as to what I do with it all, a Paramo Alta 2 jacket, a Wild Country Zepyros One, a couple of Thermarest mattresses, a Lightwave rucksack and that's just the bigger stuff. When I add the smaller items to my list I feel embarrassed as to how much overall money I've spent.

I believe the problem came about because I didn't really understand what I needed but now that I KNOW most of my gear is now redundant and will never bve used again.

If I can motivate myself to do it I'm going to have a really good clearout 'later,' the word my wife says I use most!

Does anyone else have this problem?



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Re: The stuff I've bought just to go for a hike!
« Reply #1 on: 20:57:59, 19/08/20 »
I do have the problem. Sock combinations for example and I have to admit to being a stove junkie.
I have managed to sell most of the surplus on the bay thankfully.


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Re: The stuff I've bought just to go for a hike!
« Reply #2 on: 21:10:37, 19/08/20 »
One of the side effects of frequent house moves is they stimulate a critical review of everything we own, walking kit included.  Anything we cannot justify packing gets sold, given away or taken to the tip. 
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Re: The stuff I've bought just to go for a hike!
« Reply #3 on: 14:23:39, 28/08/20 »
I have quite a lot of stuff but it all made sense at the time. Starting with cheap camping stuff intended for interrail style camping (not walking long distances), then stuff for car camping (heavy but comfortable), then moving to stuff for backcountry camping, but relatively cheap because I wasn't sure if I would enjoy walking long distances with a backpack, and finally more expensive lightweight gear for the adventures I have undertaken in recent years.

However, I still use a lot of the old stuff. I still car-camp every now and then. Also, when I go on a trip where I only bring a tent "just in case" and there is a high risk of gear getting damaged, then I sometimes bring an older, heavier tent that is less of a loss when accidents happen. (Usually in areas where humans are around)
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