Author Topic: Pre Booked Parking Introduced for Attempt on the Big Hill  (Read 1352 times)

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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What ever next, due to the ridiculous situation that is happening in parts of Snowdonia, owners of vehicles have now got to go online, and pre book a parking place, just to ensure they have access to the main car parks up Snowdon.

It would not surprise me, that Powys council, introduce the same measures for the Brecon Beacons, as i was driving past the Storey Arms, and Pont Yr Daf car parks, this morning, at just before eleven, and the numbers of vehicles on what was a far from ideal day, was staggering, i simply lost count of how many cars were parked on the verge of the A470, it was many hundreds of cars, desperate for the hills.

The thought of that hellish windy day, back in 1984 came to mind, as the wind was very strong along the A470, and i can imagine its strength on the main plateau, but the Pont Yr Daf route up to Pen Y fan was mighty busy.

Heaven knows what it must be like on the weekends, a traffic wardens dream location.

Even on busy August Bank holidays back in the 1980s, it was never as busy as it it now.

Pre booking a parking spot, and if the mayhem continues next year, only the wealthy will be able to afford the pre booking fee, as the National Park will have complete control over the price to park.

A crisp tenner to park at Pen Y Pass, i wonder how much it will cost in the future.

This walking thing, its going to become mighty expensive to gain access to the hills, far better to give Snowdon a miss.
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It's only for the Pen- Y -Pass car park at weekends at the moment though. Just looking at the car park status pages; all the other car-parks around have spaces available and they're cheaper.
A couple of weeks back I parked in Llanberis and caught the bus to PYP and walked back via the PYG and Llanberis paths. It made an interesting alternative to my preferred circular route options. So I'd probably do something similar again.
It's also cheaper to do that.
Also, it saves traipsing up to PYP, failing to get a space, then going to the PNR car parks afterwards...


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its the same down here in the honeypots of Cornwall, parking costs are ridiculus, until an enterprising farmer opens up a field and offers day parking for a sensible fee. 
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