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Macclesfield forest & Shutlingsloe
« on: 13:41:35, 04/09/20 »
I went for a nice circular walk/hike .
In lovely warm sunny conditions.
Started from Ridgegate Reservoir .
Macclesfield forest
Crossed over the dam to a trail that skirted the reservoir through woods out to cross lane going to Wincle .
Picked up the main trail ,also shared by Mtbs .
A steep uphill climb through the Forest bypassing the visitors centre .
Then up to Nessit hill carried on around Highmoor brook and out of the woods .
Into the open Vista of the moorland ,and to see
Shutlingsloe ( The Cheshire Matterhorn )
In the brilliant sunshine .
Now the going gets a bit harder .
Following the well worn paved path which winds it's way across the boggy  ground through swing gates .
Coming up to the base climbed up the steps built into the stone wall to follow the zigzag very steep Rocky route to arrive at the top and the Trig point.

With a great view in of Jodrell bank, Croker hill Cat and Fiddle and Shining Tor In the Distance .
After a short break .
Followed the path down towards Wildboarclough
Into the valley below bypassing Crag hall ,
And the Crag inn ,
Crossing the wooden bridge over Clough brook a track along to a lane leading to Greenway bridge
Alongside Piggford Moor .
Then downhill onto a narrow lane past the Hanging Gate Pub with lovely view of the valley below.
Then found a track onto the famous Gritstone trail down over pasture land and farms , and back towards the Macclesfield forest and trails back to the start at Ridgegate Reservoir .
I was fortunate with the weather .
As It was a Sunny Summers day .
And a very enjoyable day out walking .