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Re: Product design help wanted please
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I've got loads of clip on or snap reflectors, many with built in LEDs. Sine free, sone a few quid. All lightweight and easy to store/use.
Nearly all my outdoor or running clothing has retroreflectors and much is hi-vis. In those cases, no extra needed to be seen.
Some of my headtorches also have red lights at the back.

The only benefit I can see to lights on a stick is to be able to point or hold out or wave it beyond my body to make cars go further round or to attract attention.

Perhaps building in something to count paces with some motivational messages would be good? Of course, pace counters, pace counting apps, and things like Fitbits already exist. Benefit of a stick could be having pace badges on prominent display, perhaps by colour of leds (akin to martial arts belts). Maybe eve  connect that to an app?
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Re: Product design help wanted please
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In response to this thread, and to the darkening evenings, I have purchased some tape and have stuck a couple of bands around one of my walking poles as an experiment, a white band just below the handle and a red band just above the top of the fattest section of the telescopic pole (so I can still collapse it down). The red is a bit 'Meh' in comparison to the white, so I may replace that.
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