Author Topic: Pockets/holders to attach to rucksack straps?  (Read 716 times)


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Re: Pockets/holders to attach to rucksack straps?
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I bought something like this from ebay

Fits on to my wide webbing 'dog walking' belt, and on to my backpacking rucksack waist belt.

That's something along the lines of the ones I looked at on eBay.
I have a waistband-fitting camera case of similar dimensions and I find it mildly uncomfortable because the top and the bottom of the case press against lower abdomen and top of thigh while I'm walking.
Something the horizontal shape of the Lifeventure one appeals to me more.

Edit: Only just looked for the Rohan RFID one, and unless I'm mistaken it appears to be a conventional 'bumbag' with a waist strap, not something for threading onto a rucksack waistband.
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Re: Pockets/holders to attach to rucksack straps?
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This Molle stuff is great (if you don't mind the weight penalty of rugged stuff) but it's all designed for attachment to horizontal straps. The shoulder straps of rucksacks are, in principle, good places for small pouches but, unless you wear them sideways, Molle pouches require that horizontal straps (perhaps those little Velcro ones) be wrapped around the shoulder straps first. Then you've got to stop those slipping down, so that means clamps or pins or some hard sewing. It's all a bit of a pain!

Most shoulder straps have a small horizontal strap. I think it's meant for a bladder hose? Not sure