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« on: 20:43:51, 16/09/20 »
I have found a shemagh a vital addition to my kit.  Essentially it's a 42 inch square of check-patterned cloth, as worn by Arabs.

It can be wrapped (generally rather briefly) around my face in the event I feel obligated to wear a 'face covering'.  The effect is more ISIL Reject than Lawrence of Arabia, but never mind.  It is almost certainly equally useless as other cloth masks, but somewhat more breathable.

If I stretch one corner across the crown of my head, I can then twist the tail and coil it around, creating a sort of sun hat.  If the coil is wetted, there's a decent cooling effect.

It doubles as a foot towel after river crossings.  I do not think that anything in a beach river is half as noxious as the mix of snot and saliva that contaminates face masks so I have few qualms about using it on my face after my feet.

I think it might be useful in the case of beach sandstorms, but these are rare and I haven't had chance to test it.  This chap has found even more uses

All in all 6 well spent on Amazon.


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Re: Shemagh
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I always like simple but effective ideas like this.


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Re: Shemagh
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Interesting, but rather superseded by the buff.
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Re: Shemagh
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I've used something like that in the hills for years, after the manner of an ancient hippy headband or to plug a neck 'ole
I just scrounged a headscarf off my Grandma

Have a browse round a charity shop, they usually have loads of that sort of thing on display or in a wire basket of accessories; and all very cheap, too


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Re: Shemagh
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The buff doesn't do half of what a sgemagh can do.

Yep they are great sweat bands, sun hats  face masks etc. Just as effective at stopping your snot and spot reaching other people, which is the main purpose of face masks, as long as you wash them often.
The shemagh does everything a buff can do plus it acts as a towel, can be worn skirt like as a modesty screen if necessary, and as a picnic table cloth. I use it also to squeeze/ twist dry as much out of my socks, pants and base vest after washing them. The shemagh hangs from my pack and dries itself in minutes on a dry day.
Also when worn with sunglasses, has the effect of making the wannabe SAS bushmen jealous of the LRDG look.
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Re: Shemagh
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I've got one of these but am ashamed to say I've never really used it! I feel inspired to dig it out. Got plenty of buffs but there's never one around when I need one.
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