Author Topic: What item of gear have you most agonised over?  (Read 512 times)


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Re: What item of gear have you most agonised over?
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If I want a new fleece, I just make a tour of the local charity shops until I find one in the size/colour that I want. They rarely cost as much as 5. For low tech items like fleeces it is a total waste of money to buy new - let alone specific named brands. Since my size varies between small to large depending on make, it's essential that I try stuff on.

Good idea to trawl the charity shops - certainly no point in buying a top brand fleece in my opinion. Agricultural merchants are another place to try if a trawl around the charity shops draws a blank, I've had a couple of reasonably priced and very durable extra warm fleece/fibre pile jackets from them in the past.
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