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Walk around the ever changing city....
« on: 16:58:08, 16/10/20 »
Todays leg stretcher (6.25 miles) took me through the edge of the city, passing a deserted Covid testing area, up to the ever expanding University buildings to the south which border onto lovely woodland walks. Took a short cut through Botanical gardens, coming out into a field of scary looking sheep! One with a snapped off horn stood it’s ground, stamped it’s foot, thinking here we go! …. but it eventually backed off with the rest of the flock.

Back into modern university accommodation buildings, in a very quiet country setting, then into the park and ride, and another covid testing area, at least this time they had a trickle of customers. Along road to cemetery coming back along South Road. On the left was the local golf course, was because the greedy owners (solicitors) sold it for development, so of course they are making houses and of course more student accommodation. The original footpaths through the course remain, so wandered along recalling my golfing days, up to the old A1 and back down the footpath on the far side of the course. Coming back through student colleges and Oriental museum into the area of Durham School.

Chatted to a couple enjoying their favourite walk through Pimlico, then heading down South Street towards town. Four ‘lads’ were walking up being loud and full of bravado, their excitement increased when a message received ‘he had arrived and was at the top of the street’. Two of them headed up and two turned around heading down having a loud conversation about ‘Jacob’. At the bottom of the street was a large lad standing watch, reporting what was happening on his phone. Can only guess what was going on! Walked up home, only people about seemed to be students, who I always had to give way to. Passed a distressing sight...
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