Author Topic: New to walking - Best lightweight raincoat  (Read 381 times)


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New to walking - Best lightweight raincoat
« on: 18:43:59, 28/10/20 »
Hi All

New to this forum and just getting into walking with my wife and daughter

I have Montane Icarus jacket and wore it this weekend in Lake District but way to padded for that and I was very hot. We all have padded jackets but I am seeking a lightweight rain jacket.

Don't want to pay loads but any recommendations welcomed..

Thanks John


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Re: New to walking - Best lightweight raincoat
« Reply #1 on: 19:49:08, 28/10/20 »
Welcome from Portsmouth.

I assume you mean a lightweight waterproof rain jacket? When I go hiking I use a Champion long (the hem ends mid-calf) single skin waterproof coat, cost 17.99 on Amazon, it has a good hood as well. There is also a jacket version as well.

If you want something better my suggestion is to look on the Decathlon site, or if you want a higher price still look at something like a Marmot Precip. There is so much choice out there.


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Re: New to walking - Best lightweight raincoat
« Reply #2 on: 09:16:47, 29/10/20 »
If you're not looking to spend much then genuine GoreTex/eVent is likely to be out of range and then you're left with the generic membrane fabrics that every jacket manufacturer has their own name for. The more expensive they are, the higher hydrostatic head they have (waterproofness) and higher breathability.

At the low end the HH can be down to 5000mm, at the upper end 30,000mmm. As I recall, anything above 10,000mm is considered extremely waterproof. It all depends on your budget.

Obviously other things like hoods, pockets and zips are all important too.

I second Decathlon being worth a look but best to shop around in stores/online - you might pick up a bargain somewhere. If you state your budget, there are some eagle-eyed bargain hunters on this site that might well be able to spot a great deal for you.