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Re: Wellingtons
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My memory of wellies was the very thick wool (hand knit by Mam) stockings worn over my everyday socks. They kept the wellies from flopping about on my feet. Carrying the welly bags to school, these were linen bags of silica gel put in the wellies to draw out any moisture, still used today in my walking boots. My worst memory of wellies was "wellie rash", where the tops of the wellies would skin you below the knee from the flopping about just where the stockings ended. In the early fifties wellies were the winter footwear of all the kids in our local schools, wearing our sandshoes (plimsoles) inside for class, and a huge solid fired stove with the damp coats steaming away in the corner of the class.
Ah, the good old days, truly only good because we were young
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Re: Wellingtons
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I remember 'wellie rash,' hated by female teenagers and women in particular.


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Re: Wellingtons
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Yes I remember wellie rash from when I was a kid. Could be very painful.
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