Author Topic: Renapur for leather boots  (Read 242 times)


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Renapur for leather boots
« on: 08:28:42, 06/11/20 »
Morning all,

I have bought myself a new pair of Scarpa leather boots and wonder whether Renapur is a good treatment for them?
I have a half used pot that I use on my motorcycle boots with good results.


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Re: Renapur for leather boots
« Reply #1 on: 10:07:33, 06/11/20 »
I'm pretty sure you will find that Scarpa recommend their own Scarpa HS12 Cream for use on all their leather boots. This is a silicone based cream due to the leather they use being impregnated with silicone during the manufacturing process.

From personal experience I honestly don't believe it makes that much difference over time. The key thing is that you treat the leather with something to keep it supple and flexible to prevent or delay hardening and cracking especially across the tongue and flex points of the boots. By all means use up your remaining Renapur.

You may find this earlier post useful

Going forward I would recommend that you consider buying and using both the Cherry Blossom Waxed Leather Oil for the High Wear Areas such as the Flex Point and Tongue and the Grangers G-Wax for all over use as specified in the Whalley Warm & Dry leaflet in that thread. You will find that it's 10 well spent.