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Job Vacancy - British Pilgrimage Trust
« on: 20:24:50, 06/11/20 »
The British Pilgrimage Trust is re-launching one of Britain’s ancient pilgrimage routes: Old Way, a 250-mile journey from Southampton to Canterbury. Pilgrims would land in the port of Southampton and make their way to one of Europe’s most renowned pilgrim destinations. Although almost forgotten since, it was rediscovered on Britain’s oldest road map (Gough Map c.1360) plotting a route through some of England’s most glorious countryside, full of history. Taking our cue from the Gough Map’s key waypoints, this old way is now being brought back to life by the BPT with the aim of making it one of the pre-eminent pilgrimage routes in south-east England.

Application details see:-

I am told that this has been re-advertised following a similar advert last year.
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British Pilgrimage Trust Job Vacancy
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Just had an email from the BPT with this job advert.  Not for me as a retired old fart, but someone might be interested