Author Topic: PEAK DISTRICT - BEST SCRAMBLING ?  (Read 605 times)


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« on: 14:55:59, 10/11/20 »
Dear All.

I am after some tips on the best scrambling routes in the PD. I already did Wilderness Gully East at the weekend, and would appreciate some ideas of where I can find more.

I know there is a book out on ebay called "Scrambling in the dark peak" which I will purchase, but I thought local knowledge is always a good way to go as well .

Thanks in advance.


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I have the Ciccerone book, so I've done one of the Wilderness Gully scrambles, which I found a bit green. I combined it with Charnel Clough across the other side of the valley, which I enjoyed more. Crowden Clough on Kinder, of course, is pleasant and easy. I like Red Brook to the east of Kinder Reservoir. One time I emerged on the main path from the clough and surprised some Scouser who said, 'Where the **** did you come from?' When I told him, he said, '**** that!' So far I've stuck to grade 1 (as a solo scrambler) so haven't visited the routes south of Torside (Wildboar Clough etc), which do look interesting. Other Ciccerone routes: Lady Booth Brook - barely a scramble, but enjoyable; Nether Red Brook - terrible faff to get to from Fairbrook Clough (so I was knackered when I arrived).