Author Topic: Hanwag Boot Sizing?  (Read 256 times)


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Hanwag Boot Sizing?
« on: 22:40:41, 13/11/20 »
Altberg (Tethera wide) 11.0 is fractionally too small. My left toe touches the end by a few millimetres. If that gives a clue.

Anatom (Q2) I'm okay with 46 (they use euro sizes).

In Hanwag, I'm looking at the Lhasa II - available in different widths. Do I go for 11.0 or 11.5? I'm not sure if Hanwag base their sizes on euro or UK.

I need to ask advice from Hanwag, but I'll start here.

UK sizes.
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Re: Hanwag Boot Sizing?
« Reply #1 on: 06:58:40, 14/11/20 »
Who told you that you are a size 11?

It appears that you have been guessing your size and haven't made the effort to go to an Altberg retailer as I previously advised to get measured properly. Unfortunately it's a a very costly mistake made by many people.

Pull the insoles out of the boots and stand on them with your foot as far back in the heel cup as you can. You must have about 15mm or a finger's width of empty space in front of the end of your big toe - this space is required to stop the toe bang you are experiencing. If you haven't got this space you will end up badly bruising your toe (very painful) and could easily end up losing the nail. It is not uncommon to have one foot longer than the other.

This video will show you how to measure the length of your feet but what it can't do is measure the width or the volume

Nobody including Altberg or Hanwag can advise you what size you require unless you go and get properly measured and it is not uncommon for some people to have to go up a half or full size on the measured size to achieve a comfortable fit. It's obviously preferable to try the boots on but getting properly measured is the one thing you must do.


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Re: Hanwag Boot Sizing?
« Reply #2 on: 15:26:58, 16/11/20 »
It may help you if you go on Hanwags online shop, plenty of advice there. Their size 11 is 297mm and as kinkyboots has said they advice you to measure your foot plus a finger in front of your big toe. They also say that even if the boot is the right length you may have to go up a half size or even a full size for it to be comfortable.


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Re: Hanwag Boot Sizing?
« Reply #3 on: 14:36:50, 17/11/20 »
Who told you that you are a size 11?
I've worked as a walking boot fitter in the past and also sold roller/ice skates and it's not uncommon to get customers who presume they're a certain size because they've always bought that size shoe/trainer. Some are surprised to learn what their accurate foot size is and some (mostly men with a foot size obsession) refused to believe me and the measuring tool, having shuffled around in larger sizes for years!  :2funny:
In normal circumstances I'd recommend going in to a good walking boot retailer (not a fashion/casual shoe shop) and getting measured up but what with covid this may not be possible.
If you're mail ordering them you will be able to return and exchange them if you try them around the house and find they don't fit. Make sure you are lacing them securely so your heel is seure in the back of the boot and your foot doesn't slip forward on downward gradients. Apologies, you probably already know this but it's sometimes something that's overlooked.