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travel advice needed
« on: 13:29:47, 15/11/20 »
I have recently noticed that Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland has started flights to the East Midlands airport. I'm thinking of visiting the White Peak next year when restrictions are hopefully lifted. I'm reliant on public transport so am thinking that Derby would be a good base with Transpeak connections to Buxton. Is it possible to get to Derby from East Midlands airport via bus/train? If so, how long does the journey take? Any good hotels in Derby? What are the best walks in this region? I've already visited the Heights of Abraham but would welcome other suggestions. Is Monsal Dale in this region? Thanks, Henry


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Re: travel advice needed
« Reply #1 on: 15:33:01, 15/11/20 »
Google Maps suggests there’s a direct bus called ‘Skylink’ which takes 41 mins to Derby. I usually use Google Maps for local transport in strange towns and Tripadvisor for hotels.


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Re: travel advice needed
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Rome2Rio is a good site for travel options.
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Re: travel advice needed
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Here's a link to bus services in Derbyshire. The 173 serves Monsal Head

I've often walked in the White Peak, accessing all the walks by public transport. I stayed in Buxton.  Some of the most beautiful places to walk are the dales of the Dove   -   Dovedale and Wolfscote and Beresford Dales;  the dales of the Wye  -  Chee Dale, Millers Dale, Water-cum-Jolly Dale and Monsal Dale; and Bradford and Lathkill Dales.

Derby has a good bus service to Ashbourne, the SW1, which would facilitate walks in the southern part of the White Peak, but if you wanted to walk in that part it would better to stay somewhere there, such as Ashbourne. 

I wouldn't myself choose Derby as a base for walking the White Peak, as it's some way outside the area.  Buxton and Bakewell are good bases and I think the travel logistics are easier than from Derby. 


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Re: travel advice needed
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I'm going to agree with Dovegirl. You would be better to travel that bit further once, to Buxton or perhaps Bakewell, rather than travelling every day from Derby in to the Peaks.


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Re: travel advice needed
« Reply #5 on: 15:41:39, 18/11/20 »
If you want to walk Monsal Dale area...which is really outstanding I think...I agree with others that Bakewwell is a better base than Derby.

But there is a fair amount of really good walking starting from Derby itself...its the middle of Amber Valley area which covers Matlock, Belper, etc...and you could easily more or less follow river Derwent to Chatsworth, etc.

Derby does I think have some advantages over Bakewell if weather is really bad and you're a softie like me...its got a lot of really big parks in city area and a really good small museum/ art gallery.

Almost toss of a coin for me. Maybe worth looking at the walk called Derwent Valley Heritage way (55 miles in total) and if you fancy doing that (or sections of it)...then Derby is an ideal base.