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« on: 13:57:59, 21/11/20 »
I am in need of two 30 degree ferrules for a tent pole repair. They can be 7.9mm Or 10mm ID.

Tent pole spares are useless they promise to ring me back or email me but then never do. I'm up to double figures in the number of times I've contacted them. I have the time due to lockdown, clearly, though working, they don't seem to need my money. I have sourced quality aluminium tubing from another company and all the straight ferrules I would need and although I could bend tube I can't actually find any with the needed inner diameter.
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Re: Wanted
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Post a pic or drawing of what you want jimbob
I may be able to help
If you have some tubing I can possibly machine the bore out to the size you want :)

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Re: Wanted
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When I needed some DAC aluminium poles for my tent I logged onto They had everything that I needed. When they arrived (it was only a few days) I had to then bend two of the tubes. Once I filled them with sand and used my 'cheap' hand-held pipe bender I found it to be surprisingly easy to do. Of course, I could be on a totally different subject because I don't know what a 'ferrule' actually is? I apologise if I am.