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Re: Bob Graham Round walk
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I walked and wild-camped around a large part of the Bob Graham Round over Christmas. It's a great route and I really enjoyed it. I've written a post on it which may be of interest and help with your planning, included below. You'll have to change the route quite a bit to stay in accommodation every night.

Super write up for an excellent route.  Quite like the long-form content with plenty of pics.  Out of interest how do you find the stove setup?  Been a proponent of alcohol stoves for years but tend to find the mini ones a bit precarious, that seems far more solid.


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Re: Bob Graham Round walk
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Thanks for your message, nice to know it's worth all the time it takes to write it.
I've been using the Vargo Titanium Triad multifuel stove for over 3 years. I only use it for heating water, it's no good for cooking meals. It's been on my 1200 mile Lejog, 1100 mile Dover to Cape Wrath, the TGO Challenge and many other wild camping trips. I only use it with methylated spirit because it's so cheap. I find it works more efficiently during colder weather, but in really cold weather I do have to warm the meths up to get it to light. In hot weather I find the meths burns a bit quicker and can flare up, so I'm more careful were I use it. I do often use it inside my tent because it's pretty useless when if used out in the wind. But I always leave a door open and am extremely careful how close I have it to anything flammable. In the hundreds of times I've used it, I've never really had a serious problem with it. It's a really low level stove and being 3 legged it's easy to keep my saucepan stable, no real worries of it falling over.
It's also a tiny stove that only weighs 30g and there's nothing to fail on it. Makes it stress free when out for weeks or months.
I love it and never consider taking anything else. My cook set up is the same summer or winter.
The only down side is you need some patience as it's definitely not the fastest at boiling water.