Author Topic: [TR] Eye to Hoxne Suffolk: A Tale of King Edmund and Vikings!  (Read 344 times)


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Yesterdays walk in Suffolk. A great walk full of history, just as I like em!
See blog below for all the pics, GPX and Viewranger links and of course the story!


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Some lovely pictures in there CPJ, and some fascinating history and architecture.  Thanks for posting. 


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Another really interesting TR. It's a truly historic area and not far from me, but I have never walked that area.  I will add it to the list as it looks like one Mrs A would like  O0


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A very nice walk and so wet but so sunny... O0
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I took a walk around the nearby RAF Fersfield many years ago. At one time it was used to see if we could send  old bombers over to Germany as radio controlled bombs. Not sure how much is there now. OP any idea?
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Brilliant as usual.