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Busy tonight
« on: 18:02:26, 16/12/20 »
My mrs gave me a Montane waterproof jacket for christmas 2 years ago.
Today was the first time i've worn it on a wet walk, i was wet through in no time Grrr! Not impressed  :( [size=78%]I'm not a happy chappy[/size] >:( [size=78%] I was lucky i'd taken some spare clothing [/size] O0
Hoping Nick will sort it out tonight and whilst i'm at it I've an old blue Berghause Mera jacket i can do at the same time. So fingers crossed they'l be fine.
[size=78%]Also I've just bought some new boots, i was thinking of giving my old pair of boots if they fit and the Mera jacket or maybe an old Vango jacket I have to an homeless ex services chap my wife speaks to most weeks when she's out shopping.
Winters coming and it can get bloody cold around these parts at times.[/size]

Yeah, Nicks going to be busy tonight!
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