Author Topic: Inner ankle pain  (Read 351 times)


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Inner ankle pain
« on: 19:36:44, 25/12/20 »
Hi everyone, I am getting inner ankle bone pain(just the left foot) and the reason has me completely stumped! The boots that are causing the problem are not new, have been worn for a year without any issues, but have suddenly started causing this awful pain on the inner ankle bone. Has anyone else come across this problem or can offer any explanation at all. If the boots were new I could understand it.. Even back in September I did long walks in the lakes with with no problems. Completely baffled.


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Re: Inner ankle pain
« Reply #1 on: 21:27:53, 25/12/20 »
A friend of mine had a similar problem some years ago. Again it was with boots he was well used too. It turned out to be a nerve was being aggravated by the collar of the boot constantly touching the same place. Change of boots and problem went.
It's all uphill from here.


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Re: Inner ankle pain
« Reply #2 on: 10:40:25, 26/12/20 »
Google is your friend but you will find numerous possible causes and potential remedies.

It may be helpful to know what make and model the boots are, what insoles are in them are and if you've changed or replaced the insoles in them as they do compress over time and don't last forever?

It may also be worth checking out YouTube for alternate techniques/ways to lace your boots to reduce/alleviate the specific ankle pain.

Covid-19 permitting a visit to decent bootfitter or sports physio might be good idea as they should be able to offer relevant advice/recommendations. If necessary start with your GP and try to get a referral. If my recent experience of trying to see a GP is anything to go by GP's have become a bit of a standing joke and are just about as interested in actually physically seeing patients as your local dentist is (i.e not at all) and it's been that way since March.


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Re: Inner ankle pain
« Reply #3 on: 15:31:21, 26/12/20 »
In addition to what has already been suggested you may, without realising it, have 'tweaked' one of your small muscles or ligaments in your foot? I've had that type of problem before especially when I've been on a long hike, it can be very painful.


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Re: Inner ankle pain
« Reply #4 on: 21:59:11, 29/12/20 »
I have had this with a pair of used boots before.
Also, following on from what Gunwharfman said above, it could be that you are micro-tearing and/or inflaming  a muscle. This could be that your arch over time has sunk i.e. you have become more flat footed, and so your inner part of the leg is now rubbing on side of boot....just a guess.
 An easy/cheap way to see if this is the issue is to buy some new insoles with a decent sized arch support; you can buy these from most sports shops and sometimes even Aldi/Lidl. Cost about 10 a pair but got to be cheaper than a new pair of boots, and is it doesn't work you can always use them in a new pair of boots or shoes.
Be interested to know if it works.