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Brasher Leather Boots
« on: 11:07:37, 29/12/20 »
Hello I have just received Brasher Hill master leather boots for Christmas. I have menís fit ( due to my wide feet) . However when I put them on I find them snug with the laces loose and tight across the feet. I have taken them to the local cobblers to be stretched properly and professionally. So fingers crossed. Has anyone had any problem like this with a successful outcome ? New to this site .


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Re: Brasher Leather Boots
« Reply #1 on: 12:43:23, 29/12/20 »
The only successful outcome that I have had is visiting a specialist boot supplier such as Mountain Feet or Whalley Warm and Dry. Having said that plenty of people can get good results from using their normal size in a shoe. So - here's hoping a good outcome for yourself.


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Re: Brasher Leather Boots
« Reply #2 on: 13:08:39, 29/12/20 »
My guess for what it's worth is that it sounds like you've guessed what size you need and ordered your boots online without first getting properly measured by a specialist bootfitter and trying them on first and from what you describe it sounds like they're too small/narrow for your feet. The Hillmaster is known to be a quite wide fitting high volume boot.

Just so you are aware there is no such boot as the Brasher Hillmaster any more as Brasher were bought out/taken over quite some time ago by Berghaus and the Hillmaster boot was revamped and renamed the Berghaus Hillmaster? It is possible you may have bought old Brasher stock?

A 'local cobbler' is quite unlikely to have the necessary facilites to be able to steam and stretch the leather. There are very few places in the country with the necessary equipment to be able to do this properly. You need to be aware that once this has been attempted there is absolutely no chance of being able to return the boots for a refund.

Here's a couple of YouTube videos on boot fitting at home which may help you

It might be helpful if you stated where you are located in the country so you can be pointed to an appropriate specialist bootfitter.


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Re: Brasher Leather Boots
« Reply #3 on: 14:43:44, 29/12/20 »
I own a pair of Berghaus Superlights which I bought online and they fit me very well, maybe its because I have 'standard' sized and shaped feet? The only time I had to worry about boots was about 8 years ago when I discovered I needed to wear ladies boots to stop blisters and my feet becoming sore. Since then no real problems at all. As an aside, I own a pair of ladies Salomon Ultra X boots as well. Some people claim that Salomon boots can be a bit narrow, not for me, again they fit me very well.


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Re: Brasher Leather Boots
« Reply #4 on: 15:37:17, 29/12/20 »
Welcome to the forum Karen :)

I have a pair of brasher hillmaster boots. I have wide feet and they fit me well.
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