Author Topic: Does anyone have a drone  (Read 403 times)


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Does anyone have a drone
« on: 18:20:00, 01/01/21 »
My husband has a drone but its large and too big to take on hikes. Its to get footage of some of my walks other than photos.  I was wondering if anyone on this forum owns one and uses it on their walks. I've seen the Mavics but they can run into thousands.  Its a bog standard small one that has GPS that I can take some good footage with that I can fit in my rucksack.


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Re: Does anyone have a drone
« Reply #1 on: 23:15:18, 01/01/21 »
Search for some of Beefy's reports, though it feels like he's not been using Willo (yes his drone has a name) as much this year as he has done previously.


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Re: Does anyone have a drone
« Reply #2 on: 17:18:59, 02/01/21 »
How lives change! An elderly relative of mine started his own photography business in Sidcup, south London in the 1960s and at some point, in the following decade, he decided that he had to learn how to fly so he did. He then specialised in 'photography from the air' mostly to do with commercial buildings I believe. If he was still in business today he could use a drone, I presume so much cheaper but I'm sure not as much fun?


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Re: Does anyone have a drone
« Reply #3 on: 19:57:14, 02/01/21 »
The SJ R/C F11 Pro weighs just over 0.5kg and is reasonably compact. The camera is good but quite wide angle. The UK regulations just changed so you will need some 'licensing'.