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Good Down Side-Zippants For Much Less
« on: 18:32:26, 04/01/21 »
I dunno if the UK has Amazon online sales but I'm assuming it does since the damned business spreads its tentacles far and wide.

That aside I've found it not only easy to order from Amazon but it has THE easiest return system I've ever experienced. (YMMV)

For Christmas my wife asked me what I wanted and that's why she bought me a pair of Chinese made full side zip down pants for $93. Yeah,aounds too good to be true but the pants use YKK zippwrs and reinforcements at cuff wear areas both inside and outside the cuffs.
OK, OK, the "Nature Hike Outdoors" brand is obscure but tell me, what down pants AREN'T made in China?

BUT... since these nice pants are "unisex" I discovered that even a size large was one size too small. With a 34" waist I needed a size X Large. i did the painless return (no re-boxing required) and ordered X Large pants. They arrived in a week.

So why do i find the need for side zip down pants? Because I winter camp at 9,000+ ft. in the American west where temperatures often dip below zero Fahrenheit.  Once in camp i put on a thick down mountaineering parka and I needed some warmth for my legs even though I'm already wearing fleece lined nylon cargo pants over polyester long johns. At camp I'm naturally much more sedentary and need that insulation. Full side zip pants can be quickly put on over other pants without the need to remove one's boots while trying to keep your socks out of the snow. Yeah, they are heavier but also fast to "open up" when Nature calls for a poop.

Also I sometimes do alpine skiing in very cold and windy temperatures where I could use these pants under my uninsulated GTX ski pants. A 10 minute chair lift ride can be brutal if not properly dressed, as can a fast ski descent in bitter cold weather.

That's my story about why I need these pants and I'm sticking to it.

Eric B.
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