Author Topic: Looking for group or walking partner  (Read 751 times)


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Re: Looking for group or walking partner
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I think I thought like that but I also thought that it does raise an important point or two. I know people who like the idea of hiking and perhaps camping, but I also know that the people who have expressed an interest of idea of hiking, once they start thinking about it properly, it tends to remains just that, an idea in their head!

Finding one person or more that would actually hike and want to hike, now that to me is the hard part!

Yeh agreed, especially if you find crowds a bit daunting! The Ramblers for example above does sound good, but I can imagine that groups of ten people still could be a bit much for some.


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Re: Looking for group or walking partner
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hi everyone Iím 25 year old from West Midlands

Iíve been climbing wrekin over and over and carding mill valley

Iím looking to branch out and around the country but most my mates ainít interested and just love pub and party scene

Let me know if I can jump in ur group or anyone is interested in going hikes around UK

Scarfell pike , Snowdon , Ben Nevis


UKC, has a very active meet ups board, for both climbing and hill walking.  The General age of folks on there is younger than you are likely to find at your local Ramblers group.  But the Ramblers is also a wonderful place for both meeting like minded people and learning skills.