Author Topic: Advice for a Yorkshire newcomer  (Read 1317 times)


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Re: Advice for a Yorkshire newcomer
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I must confess that it has been decades since I have been to Nidderdale - my info is obviously well out of date.

Up until covid started you would have been dead right Richard, but the ramping up in visitor numbers across the Nidderdale ANOB and the Dales NP last year has been astonishing. Bowland used to be my go-to place for Bank Holiday weekend walks, but that can't really said to be quiet now either. :( :(

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Re: Advice for a Yorkshire newcomer
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Perhaps I should clarify one or two points:-

The walk described from Malham would not be going down the waterfall at Gordale Scar, but up it. Apologies here for missing out on the height/ridge issue but don't let it stop you going into Gordale Scar and up to the waterfall. If you decide its not for you, all you have to do is turn around and walk back through the campsite to the road, turn right and then take the gate at the lay-by heading for Malham Cove. As you head up the grassy slope, look over to your right and you should see a path climbing up the fell side to the top of the Scar. Make for this path, follow it all the way and it will bring you out above the difficult bits, by a wall and a gate where you can carry on to Malham Tarn. Have a look on Google Earth and you will see the path - if memory saves me right it is not show on the OS map, but it is clearly visible on the ground.

Bank Holiday weekends - Malham is a honeypot and will be chockablock, possibly through the week as well. The Malham Safari is held round about this time of year, although no idea if it is planned for this year. If the Safari is on then that will add to the crowds but also to the interest. One of the benefits of staying local is that you can be at Malham early and at least bag a car parking spot. The walk i=s one of the finest limestone walks in the Dales and well worth the effort and few hundred other folks buzzing around  :) .

Same applies to Clapham - get there early and if you don't want to pay for the YDNP car park then drive past the entrance and you should be able to park on the road near the church. But I'm sure you won't mind contributing a small amount to the coffers of YDNP.

Eyelet's suggestion about the Hoffman Kiln is a good one and I remember the first time I went there and was quite taken aback by the scale of the old limeworks and the size of the kiln. Lots of information boards around to explain the whole site and how it worked.

If the covid restrictions are still in place then I think it more than  likely that you won't be making the trip anyway, as local self catering and other  accommodations are closed (or should be!!). Obviously I hope that the restrictions have been lifted, for all our sakes and sanity, so that you can enjoy this rather unique and special part of the UK.