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Solo wildcamping gear reviews
« on: 22:25:22, 12/01/21 »
During these lockdowns I am enjoying writing and have settled on reviewing some of the better pieces of backpacking / wildcamping kit I have bought in the last five years.  I'm not sponsored, this isn't for monitory reward I just want to give back into the community from which over the years I have benefited.  So to kick things off, the review of the stove I bought when I realised how much gas stoves had really improved since the 80's and what a multi fuel stove actually weighs, I was shocked (and not in a good way).
A review of the Alpkit Koro :

What I wrote at the time remains true, and different to the stoves of my youth this one, with the pre-heat tube and the ability to invert the gas canister performed well even at -7 C on New Years Eve.

If people appreciate my evidence based style of review I can add more, or you can search for them at

Feedback highly appreciated