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Re: How far ?????
« Reply #15 on: 12:05:22, 29/01/21 »
Ok , I just packed my sack with typical Day walk on Dartmoor in Winter kit. Clothes food and drink, plus my spikes. The grand total was 17lbs.

I could add a chunk to that with climbing gear. But I seldom walk more that a few miles if I'm climbing.

Oh to get out and enjoy it.  :(


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Re: How far ?????
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New to hobby, and I appreciate replies depend on individuals fitness etc. But what's everyone's favourite walk distance. So I'm thinking 6 to 9mile for mine, carrying full backpack. But I like to stop sit get stove out and brew up and sit peacefully, and chill.
I've only done one walk though, lol, yesterday, 5hrs on Dartmoor in terrible conditions in end, but still stopped for 2 brews and collect my thoughts of how I was getting back to car as mist dropped and app was rubbish and phone died. So now I'm waiting for better days, and leaning map and compass and mastering app. What's your ideal walk ??  O0

My regular local mooches are usually up to 4 miles.  Donít usually take anything more than a small bottle of water on these, if at all.  Unless Iím planning on it being over lunchtime Ė then Iíll take a sarnie and cuppa. 
A planned ďfull dayĒ walk is usually between 8-10 miles, particularly if I have to travel a way to get there.
My full day walks usually involve 2 snack stops, 1 cuppa and a lot of stopping to admire the views - particularly when going uphill  :D
Donít mind the terrain, gradient, etc. but the wilder and woollier the better.  Donít care how long it takes me as Iím out to enjoy the walk and shrug off my ďreal lifeĒ worries. 
Donít have a particular preference as to length of walk Ė long enough to enjoy, short enough not to be wishing it far enough before the end. 
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Re: How far ?????
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How far I walk depends on various things, such as the time I want to get home, the amount of daylight, and the time taken in travelling to and from the walk.

My walks are anything from about six to about fourteen miles, but I suppose eight to ten is the average. 


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Re: How far ?????
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A proper leg stretching walk has to be over 10 miles for me, somewhere around 15 miles or a bit more is lovely.

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Re: How far ?????
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Ray -S small world, we spent our 10 day honeymoon staying in Pooley Bridge, beautiful, but that was 28 years ago. Hope you get back there for your pint soon.


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Re: How far ?????
« Reply #20 on: 22:14:04, 01/02/21 »
It depends on a lot of things in my case.
1. Where I am walking... is it mountainous, hilly or relatively flat.
2. The time of year...the amount of daylight
3. Who I am walking with.. are they a strong walker.
4. The amount of time I have available
5. How I feel

I agree with Slowcoach that the choice of distance to walk is multifactorial. I would add the weather forecast and planned activities in the days afterwards to this list.  The weather needs to be taken into account, especially in the winter. A tough walk followed by a rest day might be fine, but if you have planned a consecutive series of Munros for a week or more's holiday in the Highlands, you need the fitness to match or you will suffer.  :(

I walk regularly in the 8-18 mile range with the odd longer leg-stretcher. I am fairly relaxed about the amount of daylight as I enjoy a bit of night nav and returning by head torch (with a spare in my sac). If you want to give this a try, get a decent head-torch, take spare batteries and a backup light (so you can see to change the batteries if necessary) and start on a walk you already know - it all looks different in the dark!