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Garmin Oregon 700 'Help'
« on: 19:01:20, 06/02/21 »

My husband and I are fairly new to walking and are really enjoying it, however we were covering quite a few miles and decided to buy a Garmin Oregon 700 as the maps on our phones drain the battery too quick. We are both ok with technology but seem to be struggling with using this and was wondering if anyone out there with any knowledge of these would be willing to meet up with us for a walk (when lock down is over) to helps us understand it and get the best use out of it we can(it was not cheap ) and  i feel we could be doing some things wrong and there is also endless amounts of settings that we are unsure we have right.  We live in Camberley Surrey but would happily meet anywhere in the Surrey area if there is someone out there that could help?  :-[

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Re: Garmin Oregon 700 'Help'
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I've replied to your other thread, so you may want to delete this one or you'll likely have replies split across two threads.

There isn't actually a way of doing this so just modify the thread by deleting the text and saying Deleted  :)
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