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Trapped nerve in foot
« on: 16:50:57, 07/02/21 »
Plucking at straws here so here we go

Last sunday i went to bed just fine but woke up monday with pain in my left foot. For the last week i've had a feeling behind my knee and down my calf, I get sharp shooting pain from my ankle up the leg when i move, twist etc when in bed,  i'm hobbling around trying to avoid putting weight on it. I'm pretty sure i've trapped a nerve but when i went to the hospital they summised it was a tendon?
I can usually crack my ankles at will and it feels like if i can do this it will be ok but i dont have the range of movement, I've phoned all the local chiropractors in a 10 mile range but cant get an appointment within the next 10 days

Any advise, sources of info or suggestions would be welcome or if you have had this how did you solve it?
I dont fancy many more sleepless nights

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