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Re: New mid range sleeping bags?
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I have a 4-season down bag bought from Rab when sleeping bags was all they did back in 1985 - I have carefully looked after it over the years and it is still okay for 3 season use.

My other two 'pits' are both from Mountain Equipment: Lightline (good 3-season bag), Zero 250 (2-3 seasons for backpacking).  These are a few years old now. PHD are also excellent - I have one of their duvet jackets and I have friends who rave about the sleeping bags, but they don't come cheap. If I needed a new 'pit' I would be looking at RAB or Mountain Equipment, both of whom have been making quality sleeping bags for over 30 years.

The BMC have information on down production you should read here. ME use traceable Down Codex sources for their down and led the world along with Patagonia in improving animal welfare. Rab (and others) are also signed up to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) scheme.

So I would second the suggestion to get a down bag. Look after it and it will last a decade or more. Keep it dry in a waterproof stuff sack when in your rucksack. Store it in a fully uncompressed state back home. Use it with a silk sleeping bag liner for extra warmth and to protect the bag.

Down that has a hydrophobic coating may be better than standard down if it gets wet, but the jury is still out on how long the coating lasts and how it affects the properties of the down itself in the long term. Synthetic bags have got better in the warmth to volume/weight ratio over recent years, but are still bulkier warmth for warmth.