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Pennine Journey (LDP)
« on: 19:49:08, 16/02/21 »
In 1938, Wainwright planned a long walk, from Settle up through the Dales to Hadrian's Wall, along the wall for a stretch (exploring the wall was his main objective) and then back to Settle via the North Pennines, the Howgills and ending back in the Dales.  It was many years before the walk was formalised as a LDP, his description of the walk did not emerge to the public until 1986.  The walk we know today was only defined in 2010.

I walked the first section with my wife, travelling light between B&B's in 2017

Then with family commitments putting dual walking holiday on hold for a while, I got to finish the walk solo in 2019 this time with a tent

It is a walk I would highly commend, especially the second section along Hadrians Wall then back South on the Western Leg.
Following the road less travelled :


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Re: Pennine Journey (LDP)
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Thanks for the write-up, I haven't walked your route but I have parts of it - brought back good memories. Very well written and excellent photos. Thanks again.


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Re: Pennine Journey (LDP)
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The start and finish of Wainwright's pennine journey closely approximates to the Pennine Bridleway National Trail. I used the APJ as a guide to the northermost parts of the PBW since it is undocumented.


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Re: Pennine Journey (LDP)
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I hiked most of the Pennine Journey about three years ago and started at Settle. I went out to the east route first, up to Hexham (camped at the racecourse, a God-forsaken place) along Hadrians Wall then down to Appleby (timed it well, the horse fair was visually and noisily so interesting) but had to return home two days before I finished. I found that when actually on the Pennine Journey route I only saw 4 hikers, it was only on the shared sections of the Pennine Way that more people appeared.

To memory, I think it's only about 14 miles shorter than the Pennine Way?

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Re: Pennine Journey (LDP)
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. . . my  landline rang, it was a computer-generated voice . . . Amazon Prime would take 79.99 out of my account today . . .

If you get an unexpected or unsolicited or recorded call hang up at once  - you did the right thing GWM.

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