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What with Covid restrictions and a back injury, my walks have been very limited and short so I thought of a different kind of trip report to pass the time. In the report I have used real road names to describe things and events but how many road names can you spot? I have only used a road name once and some are more obvious than others. For those who want to google/cheat the roads are in Colchester, Essex or surrounding villages. There are over 30 roads used and they are not in any particular order of a walk I have done but may work it out on a mapping site. I will edit the post once someone gets all of them to highlight each road name. Just a bit of fun to cure my boredom....Good Luck  :)

"It was a beautiful day, so I packed my rucksack and tally ho off I set heading towards the dale. The walk from my front door started along the northern approach road passing the poppy gardens and the chantry on the old church lane. I soon reached the church view and could see the hill top close to where I was heading.

I turned up a path that lead through woodlands leading to the glade but the track was overgrown in places so had to walk through some of the brambles. I carried along the woodland way which brought me to a waterside lane next to a lake with crystal clearwater and there I watched a moorhen drift by on the water. I continued along the track and as it was a beautiful lakeside walk, I decided to stop for lunch under the tall trees. Looking up I could see some large bird boxes, maybe an owls retreat and I could also hear a woodpecker close by pecking away looking for food.

The place was full of wildlife with lots of birds and saw a cygnet walk along the path in front of me but then one of the jays swooped down towards the young swan. However, to my surprise, another bird flew down and watched a magpie chase it away.

After lunch I started the ascent up the north hill. The rise in height wasn't too bad and soon reached the long ridge connecting the fells. I carried along the track and followed the cairns road and wasn't long before I reached the summit with spectacular views. Looking down I could see the valley road I had walked along.

After taking in the views, which reminded me of Grassmere and chatting to another rambler close to me (socially distant of course), it was time to head home and followed a gorse way down a gravel hill. Once at the bottom, I clambered over a broken hunting gate which brought me to a choice of routes home. The weather had also changed and was now raining. My first choice would have been the most direct route but this was a shut lane due to roadworks. Therefore I decided to follow a leafy green lane, though this wasn't ideal as the track was now a very wet lane with lots of puddles but did take me past an old red mill. I was then back on the straight road leading me back home and was looking forward to a well deserved drink"

Hope it makes sense, how many road names can you spot?