Author Topic: Meindl Bhutan MFS, overkill for South West English countryside? :(  (Read 511 times)


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Agreeing with everything Paul said.
Many people wear a half size, or even a full size, above their normal shoes.
It sounds like you haven't tried them with your walking socks yet which you need to do before making a final call. I prefer 2 pairs 1 thin and 1 thick.


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Some models of Meindl do 'settle' after the first longer walk - they are fitted with memory foam in the sole, otherwise I agree with all the above.


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From what you've written it sounds to me like the bigger pair + thicker socks will be right for you, rather than the smaller pair. But that's just my vague opinion.

How to measure the length of your feet:


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I'd echo the choice of the bigger pair and thicker socks. You certainly don't want any pressure on your toenails - if you are getting that after an hour that is a big no-no IMHO. Custom insoles are usually slightly thicker than the ones supplied. Also it is easy enough to put in a thin flat rubber insole to adjust the volume in the larger boot if necessary but you can do nothing about a boot which is too small! :-[  One the boots are broken in they will develop a flexion crease but provided you don't overdo things with wax oil, shouldn't stretch much and this is taken care of as you lace the boot up from the toe.


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I love my Bhutans as well, but I do find them slightly narrower than my Scarpas and Salomon boots. But they are my goto boot in Winter and I'm likely to be spending hours in the boggy Galloway hills.  I find them a bit too warm for the Summer or some of the hillier walks as they are quite heavy.