Author Topic: Best Roseberry Topping walk routes & best views?  (Read 196 times)


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It's perhaps the most popular place to walk to on the North York Moors in the Teesside / Middlesbrough area - and a bit too busy for my liking - however our 7yo & 4yo kids love it - probably because you can see it for miles and it gives them a real sense of achievement in conquering this local mountain  :)  But if it gives them the bug for walking and the outdoors then I'm all for it.

However I'm posting this message to get some more ideas for alternative walking routes to Roseberry Topping and also see what people's particular spots for their best views of this local landmark are.

Below are our usual walking routes up to Rosebrry Topping followed by our favourite views - has anyone got anymore?

#1. Map of the most popular Rosebrry Topping walk route - you'll usually encounter half of Teesside on this walk haha but our kids love this one as it's pretty short distance and steep - but another short route would be good!

#2. We like this walk route below, via newton Wood, especially when the Blue Bells are in bloom:

#3. This is a longer waling route below I like to do - but I think it's a bit too long for our 4yo boy :-P

Anyone recommend any other (short?) routes? Maybe starting from other locations that are less busy??

And finally below are our best views of Roseberry Topping - has anyone got any other specific locations they like for great views of Roseberry Topping?

#1. My favourite view of Roseberry Topping is actually from Cockshaw Quarry near Captain Cooks monument

It's a superb view of Roseberry Topping no matter what time of year - and especially in late summer when the Heather is in bloom!

#2. The view of Roseberry Topping from Newton Wood in May/June is a pretty amazing sight too!

Look forward to any ideas to help us find new walks and sights in the Roseberry Topping area, cheers Stuart!

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