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Re: Small stuff sacks
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Darling Buds of May style trail magic!


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Re: Small stuff sacks
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When I did the Tour du Mont Blanc a while ago, going anti-clockwise I walked through a village down to a road bridge and there just below the bridge in a garden was a tree loaded with large black cherries. The elderly lady owner was sitting nearby in the sunshine. After a wave, etc and some verbal interchange and hand gestures between us, at my suggestion she let me pick a lot of them for her. She just supplied me with a ladder and a bucket and I picked and picked for about 2 hours. I grew up in Kent and remember 'cherry-picking time' with great affection. I had a great time. She rewarded me with a large tray of bread and various finger foods and a number of Schnapp type drinks. No idea what the drinks were but by the time I left I could hardly walk properly. I remember making my way out of the village and sleeping it off on a grassy area I found.

Great tale, gwm.  :)
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Re: Small stuff sacks
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That's what I like about hiking, so many 'little happenings' can happen in the blink of an eye, some good, some bad but many are memorable.

My 'shame' one was when I lost the trail and ended up in a farmyard garden and needed to clamber up and over an old stone wall to get back to where I should have been. I attempted to climbed the wall, rucksack on my back when it suddenly collapsed, old stones everywhere. I'd already heard the barking of a dog so I lost my nerve and just hiked on. I've felt guilty about it for years.