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Cross Border Drove Road
« on: 15:23:53, 21/03/21 »
Has anyone walked this? I have found a few desriptions of day walks taking in short sections but am yet to find any reports from anyone walking the entire length. I'd be interested in hearing if there are many spots suitable for wild camping along the way.Thanks


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Re: Cross Border Drove Road
« Reply #1 on: 18:57:06, 21/03/21 »
The CBDD was one of my plans for a backpack in new territory last year until Covid scuppered it.
I'd be interested in hearing if there are many spots suitable for wild camping along the way

The question doesn't actually need asking - there definitely are, even though I've never been there!. We wild camp exclusively even in low level areas of England, there are always suitable spots somewhere and certainly in the Borders region.


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Re: Cross Border Drove Road
« Reply #2 on: 19:18:57, 21/03/21 »
I walked this walk in 2019. It could have been 2018? My son lived in Edinburgh at the time. I started at Keswick (I went to a Walking Forum meet weekend first, I think it was in April) and I then walked to Carlisle on the Cumbria Way, then along Hadrian's Wall to The Pennine Way, then to Kirk Yetholm, and once there turned west on the St. Cuthbert's Way and eventually ended up in Peebles. I then joined Cross Border Drove Road and really enjoyed it all the way to Edinburgh. I hadn't twigged it was the CBDR until I was on it. On the route, I remember a small signpost to the site of a Roman Bridge but never found it so I presume it's long gone and I walked on old Roman roads as well, they were wonderful, I easily felt myself wanting to drift back in time. The hike took me two weeks and I never experienced any rain, I thought it was most unusual at the time.

One of my better walks, so varied in landscape and the St. Cuthberts Way to me was 'one of the best.'