Author Topic: Sizing Osprey Backpacks  (Read 163 times)


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Sizing Osprey Backpacks
« on: 18:19:05, 24/03/21 »
I have found a great app from Osprey for sizing and adjusting their backpacks which may be of interest.
Actually it shows how to get the correct size for any make, really.
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Re: Sizing Osprey Backpacks
« Reply #1 on: 19:10:06, 24/03/21 »
I'll have a look at that later, I don't want the app to tell me that I've bought the wrong Osprey, not now anyway, mines about 4 years old. I wonder if is based on the more complicated app that firms are trying to perfect where it measures you when you want to buy clothing online? The firms pay out a lot of money because people send so much stuff back, I even saw a lady interviewed a couple of night on the TV that buys 5 items, of different sizes at a time and sends back 4 of them. I've never done that.