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Re: Landrage follow up - I fought the law and....
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Thinking about the point of my original post on here I can see that the route I was proposing was not going to be a money spinner - nobody is going to plan a walking trip round a wander down the Alt and linkage with the Sefton Coast path, and, therefore, there is no financial reason for a landowner to give way.  I am not sure they will even if offered what would, presumably be a relatively modest amount, but it would be interesting to see.

I remember your original topic of the area. I think I drew a chart to highlight a station that had the hallmarks of a drop off for seaside resort.

After my heart attack I attended group follow up sessions, I became very aware of others much younger than myself, who clearly could not afford cars, in need of the sort of physical and pastoral relief such areas have to offer. Given the location, the population density and the percentage of people on low incomes dependant on public transport, I think your observations have merit.
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