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How to post photo's using
« on: 16:42:55, 09/11/09 »
The best way to upload photos to the forum is to use Tinypic.

First go to

1. Click Browse and find the picture on your PC.
2. Select size as 'Message Board (640x480)'
3. Click 'Upload Now' to begin uploading.

4. Once the file is uploaded go to the box that says 'IMG Code for Forums' and copy the code to your clipboard.

5.  Go back the Forum and start a new post. Right click in the box where you normally type and paste the IMG code into your message.

When you have posted your message the photo will appear in your post.

Some people have reported difficulty using Tinypic. Here are a couple of alternative hosting sites that do the same sort of thing:,


I do not recommend anyone use photobucket or any other photo hosting service where you register in order to be able organise your photos into albums etc. This is because it is all too easy to move or delete photos which results in photos that you have previously posted on the forum disappearing and replaced with the following icon:

There have been dozens of interesting topics that featured Photobucket images that have been completely ruined in this way. It is best to stick to where photos cannot be moved or deleted.
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