Author Topic: Gilet's vest (mirco puff vest).  (Read 1769 times)


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Gilet's vest (mirco puff vest).
« on: 11:31:32, 16/09/07 »
I have just  purchased a patagonia synthetic vest as they come in both a gentleman and a ladies one.  Now I been thinking about one of these for awhile I was going to buy the down not in the same make though.  But opted for the synthetic. as the down's once wet is hard to dry than the synthetic one I tried, one of these on in a shop once and found to be warm yes it less warm but not by far,now I feel the cool quite a lot but have found these to be warm there like cut of sleeping bags. They do compress down well like a paclite jacket or three very fat sandwiches.  I'm now wondering  if anyone got one and what they rate about them.  Or  loath about them cheers Wg.
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