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 DID ANYONE watch the series last night[18 sep/tuesday] he was trying to get over the Hymnalayers to get to a TRIBE called layop , he was accompanied with a small caravan of YAK herders to carry all the equipment,hey them YAKs are really something else aren't they,their very smart as BRUCE said and i quote[ they know more about these mountains than any professional mountain climber] as they knew when to turn back because of dangers,Anyway Bruce was totally [censored] as they did turn back because of excess snowfall and bad weather down to the YAKS sensing danger, and with him being a truly passionate explore/trekker/mountain climber/EX-SAS/ and a really cool guy , he was quoting BUDDAH about such things like.., searching inside one's self and strentgh to go on and over come all obstacles in front of you  i,e  laughing at himself because he had to turn back and so much for his Beliefs,but he saw the funny side of the situation.., ANYWAY Bruce is the MAIN MAN in my book..,WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
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