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benefits of walk
« on: 16:04:19, 18/10/07 »
today I got a good luck...haha..~~~~

when I walked along the street to my school

I saw something on the street..

can you imagine what it was..? It was money..^^

it was not much.. about 1000won(1$)

walking makes us healthy, having broad mind.. and be wealthy..haha

do you have any experience like me..?
hi~ though I'm in Korea.. but I like walking so much
and want to be your friend


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Re: benefits of walk
« Reply #1 on: 17:15:52, 18/10/07 »
I have on one occasion in the hills found a 5 note, in some growth when i went to relieve myself.
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Re: benefits of walk
« Reply #2 on: 18:05:26, 18/10/07 »
I don't think i have found money but i do like to raise money, when i walk for a bit.  O0
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