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walking schedule..
« on: 16:41:19, 05/11/07 »
As I said before my school is near the Mt gwan-ak

So there are a lot of hikers in my school all day long..

they sometimes sit on the grass and eat delicious foods with there friends..

so when I walk by them I feel so hungry even though I ate lunch..haha..

what I was surprised

one day.. I came back dormitary in almost dawn.. because of some work..

it was 5 am.. but there were hikers in the bus..

As winter came to us, the time when sunrise is late but they go hiking at that time..

when I was middle school student, I've been to mountain at dawn to see the millenium sunrise..

It was so hard because I couldn't see anything in front of me..;;

when do you prefer to walk or hiking..??

dawn, day, evening, night..???
hi~ though I'm in Korea.. but I like walking so much
and want to be your friend

Mr. Blister

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Re: walking schedule..
« Reply #1 on: 18:36:24, 05/11/07 »
I'm a day person myself, though purely for the practicality of it .. 

One of the posters on here (I forget whom), likes to get out early and go hiking in the early hours before dawn, and I have to admit that this has caught my attention and is something I would love to do!  Actually making the effort to catch the sunrise - rather than watching it from the relative 'comfort' of your tent.



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Re: walking schedule..
« Reply #2 on: 18:59:35, 06/11/07 »
I Still find navigating at night a real challenge, so on recent walks i'v made a particular point of walking in the dark to practice a bit. It can be really beautiful.

On a clear night, the way the moonlight hits the contours of the hills, and reflects off water is a fabulous sight, and there is something particular mesmerising about being on a peak in the dark, looking at the vague features on the dimlit horizon, truely beautiful.

Also IMO the sunrise, if you can catch the very moment the first ray of light breaks the horizon is the most breathtaking sight i have ever known. I got the chance to see that moment in May of this year, walking along Tenby beach. No superlative would describe it.
sun dogs fire on the horizon
meteor rain stars across the night
this moment may be brief
but it can be so bright
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Re: walking schedule..
« Reply #3 on: 09:24:43, 08/11/07 »
oh... it must be so beautiful..

walking night and dawn and seeing the sunrise...

and as blister said..

the people I said might be caught in the beautiful experience by walking..


my body tells me to go out and take a walk..^^haha
hi~ though I'm in Korea.. but I like walking so much
and want to be your friend