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New & looking for advice?
« on: 19:15:10, 01/09/06 »
Hi - I am in the process of taking up walking/hiking with my husband and teenage son.  He has been ill over the past couple of years and I we figured it would do us all good to get out in the fresh air now he's a little better!  It's took me about 2 weeks to source suitable boots (I was quite proud of getting brand new Karrimor boots for all three of us for just over 50 - for all three pair!).

My next quest is to find fleeces or jackets.  What I would like to know is what is the best thing to go for?  I thought something like Regatta Fleeces at first but then after all this rain I wondered maybe we should get something more waterproof? Maybe a Trespass type jacket? I'd appreciate any advice on this.  ???

Our first walk is scheduled for next weekend - we are driving into North Wales (only an hour away) and doing an easy 3 hour walk to start with.

Apart from socks is there any other vital item I've missed? When we bought the boots we got a free whistle/mini torch/compass with them so that will come in handy.

Might sound like a silly question but what do you do about toilet breaks? Is it just a handy bush or are there any toilets about in the countryside? I know this is basic stuff but we are complete novices and townies to boot!!

Many thanks for any help or advice!

Best wishes, Beth.   ;)