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Needle Sports
« on: 12:40:29, 03/01/08 »
Guys, I have no connection with this store whatsoever, but I really must sing the praises of Needle Sports of Keswick, Cumbria. 

I wanted not only a Nalgene flask but also a stopper called a Mini Sipper that fits in the flask to make drinking from it easier (it has a hole like a drinks can). Not many UK suppliers seem to sell the latter item, but I found it at using a search engine.

I ordered late on Saturday 29 Dec, followed by an email to them because I made a bit of a boob with my card.  I received an email on Sunday morning saying the card had been sorted, and another email in the evening to say my order was ready to be dispatched.  My goods arrived on Thursday 3 Jan morning (bear in mind that Tuesday 1 Jan was a Bank Holiday).  I think that is excellent service.

Needle Sports are a specialist climbing shop, but naturally a lot of their stock is also of interest to us walkers.  Their web site gives good information and advice about the gear, with proper descriptions of each item (unlike just the name and a price, like you see on so many other sites).  Most pleasing of all, there is no charge for postage on most items (how often has the carriage charge deterred you from buying online?)

As I said at the start, I have no connection with this company, but I think they deserve to be more widely known.  Give them a try!