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Found - Roamer
« on: 20:21:37, 28/04/10 »
Last nights walk found a 1-25000 roamer, in text at the bottom it said
Add 1min for 10m of ascent
Add 1min for 30m of steep descent.
Not Naismiths or Tranters stuff, when did this calculation come into use? I did a google and all that comes up are divers decompression times etc. I dont think it was a diver on the middle of Holcombe Moor.
Any clues, ta.

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Re: Found - Roamer
« Reply #1 on: 20:58:28, 28/04/10 »
4 k/h + 1 minute for 10m of ascent is fairly common practice and is just a modern interpretation of Naismith. Most people dont fiddle too much with descent unless it is steep, in which case 1 minute for 30m doesnt seem too bad.
In reality the factor for ascent tends to vary betwwwen 30 seconds and 1 minute for every 10m, depending on the type of terrain encountered. A straight forward path up steep ground may warrant just 30 seconds, where picking your way through more difficult terrain may need 1 minute per 10 m.
Hope that helps.