Author Topic: [Trip Report] Bakewell, Lathkill Dale and River Wye 15/08/10  (Read 607 times)


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Just a short 11 mile ramble starting in Bakewell and heading NW to Sheldon:

Started off at 8am (as planned, which is good for me!), from centre of bakewell and having decided to go light, and trust that the weather would hold headed for the church and museum at top of the town.
After getting across the Wye bridge, it started to rain,... so on with the waterproofs..
got into town and met a guy who was looking for Ladybower, i thought i had the correct map with me, but didn't so could only tell him it was "north". I hope he got there ok, as bizarrely he too is going up scafell pike next saturday and i'd hate to see the guy up there and him say he spent all day looking for it! :-[

Then as we passed the church and off into the fields..., it stopped raining and got warmer quickly, so off with the waterproofs.... >:( ,

Leaving Bakewell

We headed for Sheldon across Kirk Dale with the weather not really knowing what it was going to do. But happily it just got better as the morning wore on.  :)

We then headed out towards Magpie Mine

Then a bit of road walking to Lathkill Dale at Mill Farm, heading down into the Dale via the gorge at Lathkill Weir.

At the bottom, i got all naturalist (no i didn't strip off, i took some flora pics...  ;D )

( i got the d.o.f. all wrong on this one though  :( )

And Chris decided he'd get clever and start playing with MY camera...

Anyway, i digress...

so we followed the River Lathkill (which has been ruined following the sinking of a mine drain apparently. It resembled a line of interlocking ponds, not a river) :(

We followed the Lathkill to the site of ancient Conksbury (how can a place with such a superb name be allowed to dissappear??  ;D ) and up to Haddon fields.

(the grey matter in the middle is Haddon Hall of Tudor/Stuart momentary fame).

Then it was across the now raging torrent which is the A6 and back to Bakewell along, in places, a very wild pathway.

all in all, a very pleasant little sunday morning, polished off nicely with a cool one in the The Castle Inn.  ;D

 :) Then it was back home to Lincoln for a sunday lunch, bobby dazzler!  O0

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Ciao Marco


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Nice trip report, thanks for sharing your walk.

That beer looks really inviting O0


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Great report Dr Pepper, some very familiar sights there in your pictures mate it's a lovely part of the Peaks around Bakewell. Magpie mine is a very interesting place and well worth a good look around. Like the condensation on the beer glasses.  ;D
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