Author Topic: walking friend for lakes from durham city or near by  (Read 846 times)


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  O0 I am looking for a walking partner for the lakes or county council walks around Lakes or Durham county, even outside of durham county.

Lady or gent, but one small problem, they will have to have a car, I will go halfs on all costs, petrol and what ever.

I am aged 59, 60 in April and through some thing unseen i am looking for a person with a car.
Also for hols throught scotland or englsnd.

Bus trips away as friends only.

On weekends i love to go on county council walks or make walks  for myself, but sick of being by myself.

I work by myself, but i dont want to spend weekends by myself as well.

I live at Newton Hall, Durham, but will travel to any starting point if we can be friends.

Not the greatest walker, but i do 10 miles on a sunday and a saterday.

Would like it to be a lady about 57 to 62 and piteat, but fit.

I have a flat from a friend that i use when i go up to the lakes at threkeld. near  Keswick.

Please reply as soon as possible, as i like to be able to sort flat out well before i start to go up.

The flat has two bedrooms and four single beds, so friends of either person can go witrh them.

I wait for a reply on here or ph 01913860770 with answer machine, or mobile 07927695029 24 hours a day.

You need bedclothes and stuff like that, there are no shops were i stay at flat, but are two pubs,


Dennis gates