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Soft Shell
« on: 19:10:29, 10/08/10 »
Like most of you perhaps, I have most of the walking gear I really need but I just couldn't help myself on Sunday when I visited the new Go Outdoor store in Blackburn Lancs. Talk about a kid in a sweet shop  :P

I came away with a RAB Baltoro Lite soft shell. I've read a few reviews on this jacket so I'm looking forward to trying it out soon. A bargain at 75 in the 'sale' ?

Some great offers.  O0

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Re: Soft Shell
« Reply #1 on: 23:58:23, 10/08/10 »
I have been looking at this as well. I already have a Rab vapour rise stretch top. I was looking to buy a Rab vapour rise jacket because I don't like the smock having to be pulled over your head. When I was looking for a jacket I came across the baltoro light and I decided to check more info before buying anything.   
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